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Download Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue Apk Download

Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue

Download Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue Apk Download
“Lamper VR is one of the most polished VR games yet!” - VR Pill

Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue, the successor to one of the most popular Cardboard apps, "Lamper VR: First Flight" is now available on Google Cardboard for Free! Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue is an incredible new immersive 3D experience that you have to see to believe.

Lamper the firefly is back and better than ever! Play again as Little Lamper, a brave lightning bug in a big, dangerous world. The sinister Spiders have invaded the Firefly Kingdom and kidnapped your friends! Explore lush woods and fiery caverns as you rescue and recruit your friends on an epic adventure! Use a fireballs and power ups to blast through your enemies! Experience fun gameplay and immersive worlds in this beautiful Cardboard VR runner game.


* Fly through colorful and immersive high quality worlds, made even more amazing through the power of virtual reality!

* No controller necessary! Supports any Cardboard Tap to confirm, or tap the screen! Then just tilt and nod your head to look where you want to fly!
* The farther you travel the more dangerous the challenges! The further you go, the better your score!

* No worries, No In App Purchases! Great VR game for families!

"Addictive and very polished" - VR Pill
* Dodge enemies, avoid obstacles and use exciting power ups on a mission to save your friends!

* Defeat enemies and defend yourself in Fireball Mode as a fiery Firefly! Double your coins and fly faster in the dazzling Rainbow mode!

* Find, rescue and play as 5 exciting Firefly characters, all with their own unique flight style and character voices!

Download Link : Link

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Queen's Quest unlimted resources

Queen's Quest

Defeat the sorcerer and save the royal heir in a story inspired by one of the Grimms' Fairy Tales!


Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness is an exciting adventure game inspired by one of the Grimms' Fairy Tales, taking place in a faraway realm full of magic, wonders and otherworldly creatures.
The idyllic life of the royal heiress and her husband is shattered when a demonic sorcerer arrives at their palace to kidnap their newborn daughter.
Magnus, the godfather, saves our heroine with his magic, but Prince Henrik gets turned into stone, while the intruder escapes with the royal heir.
Who is the sorcerer? Why did he kidnap the child? Is there a connection between the kidnapping and Prince Henrik's not so glorious past?
Time is pressing. To save her family, our heroine will have to prove her mettle and act like a true queen. She will have to embark on a long journey through picturesque lands, solve numerous puzzles, meet many intriguing characters and discover the truth about a terrible curse that had befallen her family.
Can she break the spell cast on her husband and retrieve her daughter?

• Find your way through 30 vivid locations to save the princess!
• Test your intellect in 39 riddles and unique HO scenes!
• Become a master by unlocking 22 achievements!
• Save Prince Henrik in an additional adventure!
• High-end, immersive gameplay, optimized for tablets and phones!

+++ WE ARE HERE +++

Download Link : Link

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Cheats Maze Runner

Maze Runner

Cheats Maze Runner
Maze Runner Is a super runner game
Jump and run with maze in this Maze Runner award-winning aqueduct platformer through 120 exciting levels.
Time to experience the best of the best in the maze game with Maze Runner , maze is waiting for you, let's play in Maze Runner !
help Maze Runner to collect super coins in the runner world under earth, have fun jumping
Features of Maze Runner :
â—ˆ Tap to jump with Maze !
â—ˆ Jump to avoid aqueduct obstacles!
â—ˆ Collect coins for Maze Runner !
â—ˆ reach the highest levels with Maze Runner !
â—ˆ fulfill levels in the runner like if you had the courage!
More than a hundred aqueduct stage in Maze Runner so you can play all the day long with your kids
We'd love to hear your suggestions and comments! We've got loads of improvements and new features planned, so stay tuned!

Disclaimer :
We are NOT related to any cartoon or games famous company, the character of this game aren't made by any big company and the majority of the designs and images are paid and i have all the right to use all

Download Link : Link

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Porta-Pilots unlimted resources


Porta-Pilots unlimted resources
What happens when you’re strolling along and a burping bird from the future poops on your head? Tyler Travers (and you!) are about to find out.

Introducing Porta-Pilots™, an interactive storybook experience that takes kids on a time traveling adventure through history. Fly with the Wright Brothers. Be electrified by the wisdom of Edison and Tesla. Solve the puzzles of Egypt with Cleopatra. Join young Tyler Travers and his friends from the future in their ‘Portal Potty’ time machine for tales filled with fun missions, mysterious mini-games, and friendship.

Porta-Pilotsâ„¢ includes the first episode, Wings of Kill Devil Hills, for FREE with the game download. Travel back to 1901 and help the Wright Brothers complete their first flying glider using blueprints, tools, and even a wind tunnel.

Additional episodes may be purchased directly within the app, including Cleopatra in ancient Egypt, and Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla at the Chicago World’s Fair.

Each episode contains hours of engaging game play, with full voice over and animation that bring each interactive story to life.


** Designed for kids 8-11, but older and younger kids will also enjoy.

** Experience fun and hilarious adventures with famous characters from history.

** Go on missions and solve puzzles with the Wright Brothers, Cleopatra, Thomas Edison, and Nikola Tesla.

** Play mini games and collect Portal Pellets to repair and power your time machine.

** Full text, voice-over, and animation bring the adventures to life.

Download Link : Link

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Hack Super Girl Adventure game

Super Girl Adventure

Hack Super Girl Adventure game
Super Girl Adventure is as Super Mario of fantastic magic world, just like the Oscar star in Hollywood, and this game tells the epic adventure story of Super Princess, it combines the classical gameplay of retro games, all of which are super famous, and own ten millions of fans around the world.

This game is easy to control but very addictive too, very details of retro platform games reborn in Mario Adventure. such as jump to smash enemy, hit brick to release power-up item, Max pick up magic items to become bigger one (burger, baseball and Cole), sliding tortoise and so on. The super awesome and UNIQUE features of Super Adventure is the hidden Mushroom world. Now, play as Super Mario to explore the magic world, collect as many as coins and magic items, defeat 10+ kinds of enemies, just Jump, Crouch, Power Up, Fire, you are the real hero...


Rich animations and in-game graphics
Moving background music and sound effects
24 Levels (more is coming soon)
5 different world themes.
9 challenging enemies: red snake, giant snail, spear etc
5 magic item: baseball, burger, Cole, spike shoes, battle shoes, (more is coming soon)

How to play

1) Tap Left / Right to move
2) Tap Down to enter the dungeon world
3) Jump or throw weapon to attack the enemy
4) Collect coins as more as you can to get the 3 star

Download and Enjoy Super Girl Adventure

Download Link : Link

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Cheats Dinosaur Hunter

Dinosaur Hunter

Cheats Dinosaur Hunter
Do you think this dream come true, but dinosaurs are not as cute animals, free our game you played a dinosaur hunter living in the stone age.

Dinosaurs are quite powerful and dangerous animals, you can not let them near your year. You only guarantee your weapon in your hand. The first rule of hunting dinosaurs, dinosaurs never die with a single bullet, so you can hunt dinosaurs squeezing 3-4 bullets.

Apart from the exciting section 15, with different types of dinosaurs Are you ready to spend the time full of excitement and adrenaline?

Download Link : Link

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Cheats Masked Shooters - Online FPS

Masked Shooters - Online FPS

Cheats Masked Shooters - Online FPS
Masked Shooters features covert operational soldiers who are armed with advanced weaponry.

The player has the ability to create their own rooms, pick a map and to play in a squad or wreak havoc solo style!

~~~~~ Masked Shooters FEATURES ~~~~~

• Weapons with low recoil and high damage output
• A smooth, fast-paced gaming experience
• On board gaming controls
• Well done maps
• Gun toting enemies that needs to be eliminated
• Dangerous encounters that will keep you at the edge of your seat
• Fine-tuned controls for FPS play
• Customizable controls for personal preferences

No matter what the decision, you will have to BLAST your way out of the front line in dangerous gun fights.

~~~~~ PERFECT FOR ~~~~~

* FPS players
* Sniper fans
* Those that can formulate plans quickly
* Fast-paced players
* Fighters who are ready for a challenge

Join the game today! Invite your friends and play with others around the world to see who is the best MASKED SHOOTER in the squad.

Masks on, lock and load boys!!!

Check out Single-player version:

FreezeNova Studio

Download Link : Link

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